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Startup iFLYflat redeems 7 million frequent flyer points, saving customers over $1 million in flights

- May 14, 2014 4 MIN READ

Eighteen months ago, entrepreneur and mathematical whiz, Steve Hui, embarked on a mission to get more Australians flying first class. How? Certainly not by paying the exorbitant retail price of $15,000, but by hacking through the frequent flyer points system so that clients pay no more than $6,000, or better yet, nothing. That’s not to say clients have to choose first class. Hui helps clients maximise their points so they can choose to fly in any class they want.


Entrepreneur uncovers secret formula for flying first class at half price

- October 8, 2013 5 MIN READ

In October last year, entrepreneur Steve Hui founded travel startup iFLYflat after uncovering the secret formula for flying first-class at just a fraction of the retail cost, or in some circumstances, for ‘free’. Instead of paying up to $15,000 for a return flight, Hui guarantees to get the average consumer a first-class seat for just $6000 – less than half the retail cost.