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Top 10 finalists announced for Google Impact Challenge

- October 1, 2014 2 MIN READ

Google Australia has announced that they have shortlisted the 10 ideas for a better world to ten finalists. The winning ideas thus far range from tackling environmental crises, to making education more accessible, to helping Australians better manage their own health and assisting people in need.


Google Australia launches its Start with Code initiative

- March 20, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

Google Australia has launched its new Start with Code initiative to encourage our country’s next generation of inventors and creators. The launch video which went public on Monday this week talks about the many inventions used everyday across the globe that Australians have been responsible for – from the boomerang to wifi.


This is how we maintain a bounce rate of less than 20% (SIC)

- February 13, 2014 5 MIN READ

Your bounce rate is going to be different depending on the industry that you are in, we are in the content industry and on average the bounce rate is generally 40% – 60% for content based / news or information sites according to research published by Kiss Metrics blog last year.

News & Analysis

Is Google’s smart lens a better alternative for Diabetics?

- January 20, 2014 3 MIN READ

There’s been undying hype in the media over the past few days following Google’s announcement that they’re testing a prototype for a smart contact lens that would function as an alternative to the traditional needle-prick glucose monitoring system. The smart contact lens is undeniably innovative, but is it really a better option for Diabetics?


Googling Google’s right-wing connections

- December 9, 2013 2 MIN READ

There are a few voices that are speaking out in opposition to some of the media giant’s connections, saying Google is associating itself further and further with right wing political groups, despite maintaining an image as a liberal, earth friendly corporation.


The 2am Google Tango

- June 26, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

It’s 2am, and whilst I told myself that I was going to be in bed by 10pm so I would wake up tomorrow morning refreshed and invigorated for what will inevitably be a very busy day ahead, I am doing [yet again] the 2am Google Tango.


Google. Friend or Foe?

- January 22, 2013 2 MIN READ

I recently “Googled” my name (It was a slow day in the office!) and found an assortment of results come up that I didn’t even realise were out there and visible to the public. Social media sites, registries I created, and websites that I’ve registered on and long forgotten about. When it comes to job searching, employers are now able to see more about our personal lives than ever before through the internet. This can either help or hurt us when it comes to applying for jobs


Getting to know Google+ Groups

- December 20, 2012 2 MIN READ

Google+ is still flying beneath the radar when it comes to many business’s social media marketing plans. Yes, it is hard to believe that with the company’s tight grip on the online and offline world that the Google giant could ever hide in plain sight. But with this social networking channel, that seems to be what is happening for many businesses and social media users. I’m willing to bet that might be about to change.


How Google + can grow your Business

- October 30, 2012 2 MIN READ

Google+ continues to be that one social network businesses and brands are not so sure about. I am often asked by owners if it is worth the effort to include this network in their social media strategy. While it is true that Google+ continues to lag behind Facebook and Twitter in terms of users, I still recommend that you give it a long, hard look. In fact, I’m going to share a few ways you can use Google+ to generate leads and grow your business.