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Taxi booking startup goCatch to take on Uber with launch of rideshare service goCar in Sydney

- February 22, 2016 3 MIN READ

Australian taxi booking startup goCatch has thrown its hat into the ring against Uber, today unveiling its new rideshare offering goCar for passengers in Sydney’s CBD, inner west, and eastern suburbs. Integrated into the goCatch taxi app, the new service will be virtually identical to UberX, with the key difference being that goCar will use a peak and off-peak pricing structure rather than surge pricing.

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goCatch looks to stand apart from the taxi industry’s PR troubles with new branding

- November 18, 2015 3 MIN READ

The taxi industry has received severe backlash thanks to years of poor customer service and PR campaign disasters – the Victorian Taxi Association had a shocker just last week with their #YourTaxi campaign. Knowing they’re working in an industry where you either drown or swim, taxi booking and payments app goCatch has unveiled its new branding in order to compete with the sharks.


Melbourne startup TickToc wants to provide passengers with another alternative to Uber and goCatch

- October 22, 2015 3 MIN READ

While many are now Uber devotees, others have tried the service and decided it’s not for them. John Sajadi is one of them. While running a hire car business, he decided to try his hand at driving for Uber. Through both these experiences he saw first-hand the issues that passengers and drivers were facing and decided to solve them with a new app called TickToc


Uber vs goCatch: We Put Taxi-Tech to the Test

- March 13, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

Global giant Uber and Aussie startup goCatch are the two dominant players in taxi-tech in Australia, battling it out for supremacy in our capital cities. We put the two big players, Uber and goCatch, to the test to see how they stack up. [Source: TheHipPocket]

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The latest goCatch funding round may mean “gloves off” when it comes to UBER

- July 9, 2014 3 MIN READ

If you have made the observation that the same thing is happening again in the transport space – you would be right. It’s not just an Australian war though, it’s a world war – against UBER or more specifically their UBER X services. It is also somewhat a phenomenon, it’s not often you see private industries stage massive protests where they grid lock the traffic in major cities around the world.