Workible release a new feature, but the real question is – who’s involved in their current Series A round?

- July 11, 2014 2 MIN READ

Last week I wrote about new hospitality focused recruitment tool and community hub Dippla. I talked about how they would face tough competition in the face of well funded startups such as OneShift and Workible. Especially in that hospitality and entry level job market.

I couldn’t have been more correct, as this week Workible confirmed with Startup Daily that they are about to set live a new feature called “shift swap and cover”.


DrinkSpot Founder lays bare the hard side of entrepreneurship

- October 15, 2013 5 MIN READ

Many entrepreneurs shy away from revealing their failures, even if those failures proved to their stepping stones to success. Founder of DrinkSpot, Nick Crang, on the other hand, candidly shares why he was left with a burning hole in his pocket and what he learned from the frustrating experiences he was faced with throughout his startup journey.


Aussie Sports betting startup now backed by $3.5 million funding!

- April 5, 2013 3 MIN READ

Favourit, which operates as a “Facebook for the sports betting world”, connects sports fans, their friends and licensed betting operators worldwide, providing a central hub where fans can come together to demonstrate their skills and knowledge about the most popular professional sports worldwide, including football, tennis, AFL, NRL, NFL, NBA and much more


BigCommerce close $20 million Series B Funding

- September 7, 2012 2 MIN READ

SMB Owners want to sell everywhere, and with their social media integration as well as integration with hundreds of other applications – Big Commerce is more and more the number one choice.The guys love and hard word has certainly paid off. Through BigCommerce, retailers have processed over $600 million in total sales, with $150 million in just the first two months of 2012, fast approaching the $1 billion mark. In less than three years, BigCommerce has helped online business owners sell more than 30 million products globally.


Government Invests $795K in Startup CINTEP!

- July 31, 2012 2 MIN READ

Brisbane based startup CINTEP are not taking a break to even slightly celebrate their recent funding success from the Australian Federal Goverment. The team are full steam ahead and hope to have as many Aussie’s as possible using their new ultra efficient shower system and stopping their money from going down the drain.