Why can’t women in tech be sexy?

- September 1, 2015 9 MIN READ

Last week, Startup Daily published an article on a study that discovered a three percent (from 16 percent in 2011 to 19 percent in 2013) increase in the number of female tech startup founders, though only one in five founders have technical expertise. In other words, the number of non-technical female founders of tech startups has increased. Or to put it another way, the lack of technical skills is not deterring women from founding tech startups. No matter how you interpret it, the article received criticism. Well, not the article itself, but the article’s featured image.


Founder Psychology: Spotify’s Daniel Ek

- July 16, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

Judging by his demeanor, you might have expected the man to run a company like Etsy, amassing his fortune one macrame teddy bear at a time. But no. This kind, graceful creature was none other than Daniel Ek. And the company he founded was — and still is — among the most hated startups in all of techdom: Spotify. [Source: Pando]