Vie Active fuses fitness and fashion

- September 30, 2013 3 MIN READ

Women no longer have to make a conscious decision each day whether they would rather be “fit” or stylish”. Vie Active provides women with technical, high-quality fashionable active wear with the mission to inspire and empower women to live active lives.

Warrior Pack brings novelty into the health food and supplement industry

Warrior Pack brings novelty into the health food and supplement industry

- September 9, 2013 2 MIN READ

If you’re one who’s ever felt overwhelmed by the plethora of products available in the health food and supplement marketplace, Warrior Pack is here to save the day. The soon-to-be-launched e-commerce store delivers novelty boxes of handpicked products to your door every month, allowing you to decide what works for you without spending a heavy buck.


Jack East: “from drifter to fitness innovator”

- January 16, 2013 3 MIN READ

Sport and competition always made him anxious at school, in high school he made his mother write him notes to get out of PE. From passionately hating sport in his teen years to becoming a leader in the fitness space by the age of 23, Brisbane based entrepreneur Jack East set about changing the way health and fitness was taught to children resulting in an exciting venture that now has the biggest gym chains in the country frothing at the mouth for a piece of the action.


Lee’s Gym, A Clever Media Startup

- November 9, 2012 2 MIN READ

The other day I came across this great new media startup called Lee’s Gym. And yes in my opinion this is very much a media startup, in the very same way that Red Bull is a media company and NOT an energy drink company. The basic concept is that you get to follow the weight loss / fitness journey of six very different people, that have a certain health goal in mind and see what they go through on the way to achieving that goal. The trainer Lee Campbell has put together unique training, meal prep and workout plans for each of the individuals, all representing different sizes, shapes and fitness levels.