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11 things startup founders and entrepreneurs need to know about Amazon Launchpad

- August 7, 2019 3 MIN READ’s new store, Amazon Launchpad, for startups and entrepreneurs to sell their products, is now live in Australia. Rocco Braeuniger, Country Manager for Amazon Australia, said Amazon Launchpad is a solution to several key challenges startup founders face as they turn their attention from product development to sales and issues such as marketing, logistics and… Read more »


Startup elevio ends the inconvenience of FAQs and support portals

- March 18, 2014 3 MIN READ

Many website managers agree that responding to a flurry of questions sent through the ‘help’ or ‘support’ section is a tedious process. Rather than rely on traditional streams like email, FAQs systems or support portals, startup elevio allows website owners to show contextual-based tips to their visitors to help the out where and when they need it.