Sydney startup develops small-scale solution that will have a big impact on energy usage in Australia

- September 14, 2015 5 MIN READ

While finding reliable sources of clean, cheap energy should be high on the political agenda, a Sydney-based startup thinks Australia is approaching the energy equation backwards. Irish-Australian technologist and founder of CIM Environmental Group, David Walsh said it’s cleaner and cheaper to not use energy than it will ever be to produce it.


Incorrect Energy Bills Cost Businesses Thousands!

- August 23, 2012 4 MIN READ

With all their jargon, technical information and complex calculations, energy bills can be confusing and difficult to understand for Australian businesses. Because of this many discrepancies between what organisations should be paying and what they’re actually paying go undetected. Sometimes the difference may only be a few dollars, but in many cases it can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Furthermore, more than half of Australian businesses (55 per cent) wrongly believe their energy contracts are not “contestable” (or able to be negotiated). Many businesses sit back and remain on the same contract, and some may not even be aware they are on high default rates. It is therefore more vital than ever for Australian businesses to understand the content of their bills.