How to Fill Events …

- August 2, 2012 2 MIN READ

The question I keep being asked is “how does your team manage to do it?… How do you fill these big venues?” My answer tends to scare people. We book a theater and then get good people working on filling it… Essentially, “we fill it because we have to”.


Becoming the Key Person in your Industry in 4 Steps!

- July 31, 2012 2 MIN READ

It’s not enough to have a niche. You need a niche within a niche. When you have that, you tend to answer the question “what do you do?” with a lot more authority and power. A niche is “Bodybuilding” a micro-niche is “Vegetarian Bodybuilding” or “12 Week Transformations” or “Christian Bodybuilding in the M25″. When you know exactly the specific game that you’re playing you don’t just make more money, you also have more fun and see more rewards.


7 Big Mistakes I see Small Businesses Make Everyday

- July 24, 2012 4 MIN READ

I just spent the last 4 days meeting with 120 small business owners in Melbourne who are exploring ways to grow their business. I’ve done these sessions in the UK, Singapore, the USA and Mexico. There are seven big mistakes small businesses make that I see all the time…


The 7 Hour Rule

- July 16, 2012 2 MIN READ

Whether you are buying a new car, making a new career move, engaging a consultant or choosing an annual holiday destination, if you add up all the time you spend thinking about it, you can be fairly sure it totals more than seven hours.


You Get What You Pitch For…

- July 12, 2012 2 MIN READ

A pitch is a powerful set of words that you send out to the world again and again. Eventually, if you stick at it and really get the pitch perfect, you will get what you pitch for. In business, if you get it right you can raise money, attract a team, engage partners and inspire clients to take you on. If you are a change maker, you will eventually attract a following, upset the status quo and see a shift in your cause.