Canity is an online staff training platform for businesses looking to improve their customer service

- January 14, 2016 3 MIN READ

Forget taking staff away from the desks to sit in a stuffy room for an entire day in the hopes of teaching them something new. Canity’s platform is focused on flexibility, allowing staff to watch short training videos, take quizzes, and participate in discussions online when they have a spare moment in order to learn skills across areas such as sales, phones, retail, and email.


Original business ideas are overrated

- April 23, 2014 5 MIN READ

I constantly meet people who have had the same idea for an original business in their head for years and are yet to even begin making it a reality. More often than not, these people will tell me that I am smart enough to come up with a great product and I shouldn’t be in a “me too” business like an Online Marketing Agency.


Carving a new industry: How startup Influx are spending their $250,000 venture round

- March 4, 2014 2 MIN READ

Not too long ago Mikey De Wildt created a wordpress plugin as a bit of a side gig to work on at night when he got home from his role as an engineer and it wasn’t long before the Wordpress Backup to Dropbox plugin had over 740,000 downloads from around the world. It was the issues that came with servicing this base of customers that was inspiration for his new venture Influx.


Is Customer Service … Just Dead?

- September 14, 2012 2 MIN READ

As the CEO of a number of successful start-ups both here and abroad, most recently Redback Conferencing, a leader in video and web conferencing, there’s one thing I have learnt. Superior Customer Service is one of the most effective things you can do to drive revenues. Word of mouth is incredibly powerful and it’s your job to ensure that your customers, suppliers and even competitors experience exceptional customer service through each and every interaction they have with your organisation.