Sydney startup TradePapers helps tradies keep their licenses and tickets up to date

- January 20, 2016 4 MIN READ

For most people, starting a new job means time spent looking for all the personal documents they need to give to their new HR department. For workers moving from job to job in industries like construction and mining where up to date documentation is crucial for compliance purposes, the paperwork process can be downright stressful. New Australian startup TradePapers wants to solve the problem.


Melbourne startup wants to speed up construction by helping contractors avoid payment disputes

- November 9, 2015 3 MIN READ

One of the most common stereotypes about builders is that they are constantly behind schedule and end up charging far more than they originally quoted. Melbourne startup Progressclaim believes this is often due to difficulties associated with the submittal and approval of progress claims – these are a means of providing details about how much work has been completed in the last month, and therefore how much is to be paid to assorted contractors.


Startup Bookmarc gets architects out of their age-old bind

- November 4, 2013 6 MIN READ

Architectural and construction professionals harness the power and resources of nature and shape them into useful applications – from bridges to skyscrapers. But when it comes to practice, they’re stuck in an age-old bind, working in a pool of clutter. Rather than storing sketches, CAD files, BIM files, CDs, brochures and more in hard copy, Bookmarc offers a way to do it all online.