Sophisticated Cocktail Co. founder Vicki Lyon
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Smells like keen spirits: Sophisticated Cocktail Co. founder on ‘a wild 3 years’ building her drinks empire

- November 22, 2023 5 MIN READ

The ready-to-drink (RTD) market is a crowded arena, but one brand has risen above the rest, capturing the essence of urban culture in every sip. Sophisticated Cocktail Co., founded by entrepreneur Vicki Lyon from her home in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, has evolved into a brand that stands out on shelves and in the hearts of… Read more »

Vicki Lyon

Sophisticated Cocktail Co, the startup that keeps the drinks flowing in top shelf goon bags, turns one

- October 1, 2021 3 MIN READ

On this day 12 months ago, having survived Sydney’s initial lockdowns, cocktail lover Vicki Lyon launched her startup dream in a glass, except it came in her own upmarket version of the “goon bag”.  Her idea, Sophisticated Cocktail Co, produces a range of ready-to-drink cocktails, which has expanded in the past year to include a… Read more »