Ruslan Kogan. supplied

Online retailer wins ‘Shonky’ award from consumer group CHOICE for its $99 subscription

- November 3, 2023 2 MIN READ

ASX-lister online retailer has put another feather in its cap, winning a “Shonky” award from consumer group CHOICE. The annual Shonky Awards recognise products and companies that deliver a poor experience for shoppers. Kogan was called out for “tricking customers” according to CHOICE, into signing up for its $99 ‘Kogan First trial. Tech featured… Read more »

Life hacks

Here’s the story you need to share with the office – a dishwasher expert on 5 things should never do (putting cups & plates in the sink is not one, but should be)

- April 14, 2023 4 MIN READ

Now that tech companies are cutting back on free breakfasts, acai and poke bowls, life in the work kitchen is getting much harder. In some startups you may even have to put your own plates, cutlery and cups in the dishwasher after a meal. And for those currently putting them in the sink, because unsure… Read more »