Guy Kawasaki on why he wanted to work with Canva

- July 2, 2014 3 MIN READ

They only launched in August last year, but Canva this morning at a breakfast with newly appointed product evangelist Guy Kawasaki, gave some pretty impressive updates about their platform.

Canva has experienced rapid growth – becoming a daily tool for bloggers, marketers and small business owners worldwide. To date, over 4 million designs have been created on the platform, with 870 000 designs being created in June 2014 alone. They also have over 500,000 users on the application now, a number up from 330,000 just 8 weeks ago in April.


Startup Canva kicking Photoshop from the top spot

- August 26, 2013 3 MIN READ

Remember that old school graphics editing software called Photoshop and its countless buttons with tricky names that you hesitantly click on hoping one of them will do what you want it to? Well, forget it because Australian startup Canva has just announced the launch of their online graphic design platform that affords even the least technical person the ability to create professional designs free of charge.