Same old Excel. New Tricks. Spreadsheetopia.

- December 10, 2012 1 MIN READ

Listen up spreadsheet nerds! This startup is made for you. Spreadsheetopia has officially launched and instead of tackling the music industry or creating ANOTHER social network, it has chosen to do something simple [as in the idea, the code is probably all kinds of complicated] and target a product that actually touches most people working in a professional environment : Excel.


New Startup: Swappa

- November 14, 2012 2 MIN READ

Whilst the group buying and daily deals markets are not as strong as they used be [all round, still some particular companies going very strong because they have strong sustainable business models] one new Aussie company is looking to capitalise on a huge problem within this space. Unused daily deals.


Lee’s Gym, A Clever Media Startup

- November 9, 2012 2 MIN READ

The other day I came across this great new media startup called Lee’s Gym. And yes in my opinion this is very much a media startup, in the very same way that Red Bull is a media company and NOT an energy drink company. The basic concept is that you get to follow the weight loss / fitness journey of six very different people, that have a certain health goal in mind and see what they go through on the way to achieving that goal. The trainer Lee Campbell has put together unique training, meal prep and workout plans for each of the individuals, all representing different sizes, shapes and fitness levels.