How to build an effective lean brand 

- October 4, 2019 3 MIN READ

  As a marketing practice, branding has long resided in the grey areas between design, art and storytelling. Due to a handful of horror stories from large companies that have got it wrong, branding has gained a reputation for being overpriced, oversold and immeasurable until after the fact.  Gap’s failed 2010 rebrand reportedly cost over… Read more »


Learn how to build a powerful personal brand with Launch Group founder Fleur Brown.

- October 8, 2017 5 MIN READ

Thanks to social media, it has never been easier for individuals and companies to connect with a large audience directly, shaping and communicating their message in their own words rather than having it interpreted through traditional gatekeepers of media. However, as many have discovered, just because it’s easy to connect with an audience doesn’t mean… Read more »

News & Analysis

goCatch looks to stand apart from the taxi industry’s PR troubles with new branding

- November 18, 2015 3 MIN READ

The taxi industry has received severe backlash thanks to years of poor customer service and PR campaign disasters – the Victorian Taxi Association had a shocker just last week with their #YourTaxi campaign. Knowing they’re working in an industry where you either drown or swim, taxi booking and payments app goCatch has unveiled its new branding in order to compete with the sharks.


Sydney’s Hooch Creative partners with Tank Stream Labs to help startups with their design and branding

- March 18, 2015 2 MIN READ

From developing and perfecting a product to attracting talent, startups have a lot to think about when they’re first starting out. With money worries constantly on the mind, many founders often leave the crafting of their branding and creative strategies at the bottom of the to do list. Creative agencies have noticed, and have put their hands up to help.