Australian investor Martin Martinez offers startups a reality cheque

- October 16, 2013 2 MIN READ

So you’ve come up with an idea and now you’re looking to raise capital? Before you approach investors, you might want to take this reality cheque. Entrepreneur and investor Martin Martinez spoke candidly with Shoe String about some of the misconceptions that have surfaced in the startup community about Australian investors; and made a compelling argument as to why bootstrapping is the best approach for startups.


How to get your idea to market in 4 weeks [Bootstrapping Event]

- April 5, 2013 2 MIN READ

It starts with a spark, a flash of inspiration. Every startup has a story. Every founder remembers when the ideas started to come together – when that gut feeling finally started to make sense. The path to realising that vision though often means finding help. Help to build it. Help to turn that nub of a concept into something that can be articulated.


Startup Survey for Bootstrapping Businesses

- January 3, 2013 < 1 MIN READ

Participants in this survey may be called upon to discuss their businesses with various forms of niche and mainstream media when the report is issued at the end of February 2013. Please be sure to fill in all the answers and be as descriptive as possible when needed, please note this survey is for startups that still own 100% of their equity and are registered businesses within Australia.


Event: Bootstrap Marketing Tactics

- October 19, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Need to start marketing your startup but you have no budget for noodles let alone marketing? This class is for you, in it, you will learn several marketing tactics that will cost you little or no capital. Each tactic discussed will come with an applicable, real-world example of how it worked (or failed). At the end of the class, you will have workshopped several techniques to apply to your own business, and walk away with a clear set of to-do’s for applying them.


Event: The Great Startup Debate – Bootstrapping is Better!

- October 12, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Founders who choose to bootstrap their way through their pre-profitable years surviving meal-to-meal on Maggi noodles are better off than their funded counterparts in the long run. Time that would have been spent hunting down, wining and dining investors was focused to build bigger and better products without relinquinshing control to anyone.