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EY Sweeney and FinTech Australia reveal results of 2016 Census on fintech landscape

- November 3, 2016 5 MIN READ

EY Sweeney and FinTech Australia have today revealed the results of its 2016 Census report on the Australian fintech landscape. The report is the most detailed and comprehensive analysis of Australia’s fintech ecosystem to date and reveals important recommendations to be considered by startups, community and government on how to take advantage of Australia’s unique global position to further grow the sector.

News & Analysis

Australia’s first listed fintech investment fund H2Ocean seeks raise of $55 million to fund fintech startups

- August 31, 2016 3 MIN READ

H2 Ventures has announced Australia’s first listed fintech investment company, H2Ocean to expose investors to diverse portfolios and increase funding for early stage fintech startups. H2Ocean is seeking to raise a minimum of $27 million and a maximum of $55 million to provide a permanent and stable pool of capital for long-term investment opportunities.


Was ASIC influenced by a major Bank to target a yet to launch Social Enterprise?

- May 28, 2014 4 MIN READ

Earlier this year, we covered a story about Michael Fraser, who also goes by the moniker “The Arbitrator”. Mr Fraser identifies himself as a consumer and business relationship advocate and has recently made headlines regarding his ongoing interactions with senior members of the Commonwealth Bank. He is communicating with them on behalf of a number of alleged victims who say their complaints have not been heard by the institution.


The New National Business Registration System

- May 31, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

The new national business name registration system has now commenced, replacing the current state and territory registers. All Business name registrations are now managed by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission [ASIC] – Some of these changes may affect your business. Here are a few key facts provided by the Government that will answer some of the most obvious questions that you may have about the changes.