Startup Dogsperts wants to cash in on the internet’s love for dogs

- March 4, 2015 2 MIN READ

From the millions of cute cat videos, pictures of dogs dressed up in wacky Halloween outfits, and forums allowing people to chat about pets and ask for advice, the internet has taught us that people are crazy about their pets and may do just about anything for them. Of course, entrepreneurs have noticed and are finding new ways to leverage this love and monetise it.


My startup disappeared and I am up shit creek with no paddle!

- January 30, 2014 3 MIN READ

My startup had disappeared, I could not do anything about it and I was up shit creek without a paddle. There was no guarantee that everything was going to be recovered, in fact at 10.00am on Wednesday morning the prognosis was that we would have to build everything from scratch. Two years worth of work.

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A bit of advice for the Titstare founders

- September 9, 2013 2 MIN READ

Earlier this year the three founders of Hate You Cards David Boulton, Andy Longworth and Jethro Batts, pissed off Senator Christine Milne with their new take on postcards. This was also the winning application from the Sydney Angel Hack and as part of the prize they won a trip to Silicon Valley and mentoring with some of the world’s best in the space.

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Is my developer an employee?

- May 9, 2013 2 MIN READ

Things are progressing well at your start-up. Despite not knowing how to code, you found a talented engineer who loves your idea. Over a hand-shake deal and several cash payments, he’s been building your app for six months and there’s plenty more features to roll out. He still does the odd job for other start-ups, but yours takes up 90% of his time – he even spends five days a week with you at your co-working space, which you pay for.

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Turning Idea’s into Reality

- April 23, 2013 2 MIN READ

Today Cupcake Central founder Sheryl Thai talks about turning dreams into reality. 3 years ago she had a dream to open a cupcake shop and now she has three stores, a successful training and workshop arm of her business and has just finished shooting her first cook book. Today this simple and straight to the point post by Thai gives us some practical advice on just making it happen.


Marketing Optimisation: Stop the Leaks

- December 5, 2012 2 MIN READ

A lot of people I‘ve met over the years get excited about finding the next big thing. For instance, I was chatting with a guy the other day who already had an established business, but was doing all this new internet stuff, building dozens of web sites, and after several years was pulling something like $400 a month for all his efforts.


5 Tips for Getting the Media Spotlight.

- June 15, 2012 3 MIN READ

I am constantly – and I mean CONSTANTLY surprised everyday – Yes EVERYDAY – at just how many people don’t know how to approach the media when they want to have their story told. The thing is, personally I don’t even consider myself a huge media outlet, our whole purpose for this site is to be as accesible as possible to startups and we do a fairly good job at that – even as we grow month on month.