Australian Startups Lure Silicon Valley Money

- June 2, 2015 < 1 MIN READ

In November 2013, John Locke and Nate Niparko, two members of the investment team at the U.S. venture capital firm Accel Partners, got off a plane in Sydney and jumped in a taxi.

They told the driver to take them to Erina, a sleepy coastal town 57 miles north. Erina was an unlikely home of one of the world’s most popular invoicing apps for small businesses, Invoice2go, created by Chris Strode, a 40-year-old programmer with a passion for surfing. [Source: SMH]


Invoice2go just closed USD$35 million in late stage funding lead by Accel Partners

- September 24, 2014 2 MIN READ

Ten years ago, Chris Strode, Founder of Invoice2go, was living with his in-laws working full time and writing code from a desk set up in the bedroom. A lot has changed since then, his company employs 45 staff and services, and now has over 120,000 active users that send out of $10 billion worth of invoices, according to Strode when we sat down for a chat at Startup Daily yesterday.