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Startup Daily TV: How tech platform SHFT App pivoted from hospitality to the casual staffing solution every company needs

- September 16, 2020 2 MIN READ
Like the hospitality industry itself, Sydney startup SHFTHero was forced to pivot soon after it launched and the restaurant industry was shut down by the pandemic.

The tech business set out to help the hospitality and events sector with casual staff . After an initial roll out of the staff sharing app in 2019, had more that over 3,000 businesses and freelance workers on the platform, having built their own user-matching technology to get workers with the requisite skills required.

When Covid-19 hit, founder Andrew Sue and the team decided to pivot, and license out their user-matching technology, creating SHFT App, which launched in July this year.

The same cutting-edge, user-matching technology, which includes geo-location, matching, and marketplace features, can now be applied to any business, agency, industry or venture.

“Our technology takes the best features from ride-sharing, dating apps and recruitment software – and gives entrepreneurs and businesses the opportunity to match their marketplace users, and book and manage opportunities,” Andrew Sue said.

“The technology is easy-to-use – you can launch your very own user-matching product without writing a single line of code.”

The SHFT App has been embraced by a range of industries, including the medical sector, trades and hospitality and Sue’s tech solution has been so appealing, a major Australian staffing agency is also investigating its potential. The team are now looking at building in SaaS integration by October.

Andrew Sue recently joined us on the Startup Daily show on ausbiz.com.au to tell us more about his startup and the pivot that’s helped it through a challenging 2020. You can watch the interview below.

More on SHFTHero and the SHFT App here.


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