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Startup Daily TV: Community consultation platform Bang the Table has scaled globally to help governments make better decisions

- February 4, 2021 < 1 MIN READ
The Bang the Table team
Matthew Crozier’s career in government left him acutely aware of the gaps between what communities want and the decisions governments make, so he decided to tackle the problem as a startup founder. 

The result is the online citizen engagement platform Bang the Table, which launched in Newcastle, north of Sydney, in 2007, and is now a global company, with offices – he calls them Engagement HQs – in the US, UK, India and Canada and more than 700 customers.

The business has grown to nearly 100 staff globally, and more than 10.5 million people taken part in community consultations through Bang the Table

2020 was a year where digital engagement came to the fore out of necessity, but Crozier has been pioneering the space as Bang the Table’s CEO for more than a decade, helping governments make better decisions with input from their residents using his consultation platform.

Just before the summer break, the Startup Daily show on ausbiz spoke to Matt Crozier about his business has helped public leaders forge meaningful connections with their communities. He also shared the lessons he learnt from scaling a business globally.

Click on the story below to hear what this successful founder had to say about becoming a global tech startup.


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