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Startup Daily TV: Climate Salad’s Mick Liubinskas has mapped the incredible ANZ climate tech sector

- October 15, 2021 2 MIN READ
Mick Liubinskas
Climate Salad founder Mick Liubinskas
Tech entrepreneur Mick Liubinskas has mapped the Australian and New Zealand climate tech ecosystem to give everyone a better view of the big picture when it comes to dealing with climate change.

His new venture, Climate Salad, has set out to help startup founders building technology solutions to climate problems get more customers, find great people and reach their potential.

So as a starting point, he’s produced the ANZ Climate Tech 100

It’s a collaborative effort between Climate Salad anHolonIQ  – the first map of a fast-growing startup sector. 

ANZ Climate Tech 100

ANZ Climate Tech 100. Source: Climate Salad

Don’t worry if a company you know is not on the map. Liubinskas found several hundred startups tackling climate change problems but wanted to paint a picture of the breadth of the solutions, rather than a top 100 chart. 

 “This is not the top 100, it’s a representative spread across stage, sector, regions. We have over 580 companies sourced, processed and reviewed,” he said.  
“Most of all I’m thrilled to see the map in the wild. To see so many good companies. To know that there were more than 400 other companies that we found but didn’t make the list.
“To know there is probably another 400 working away and doing great things. It gives me hope. Huge thanks to the co-founders for all your hard work. A reminder, this is a beta. A version 1.
“Please help us make this better and better to show the world that Australia and New Zealand have some amazing climate tech companies having a huge impact. “
Liubinskas has also detailed the Climate Tech investor landscape across ANZ and noted which funds have female leadership in the climate space.

Mick Liubinkas sat down with the Startup Daily show to talk about the Climate Tech 100 and his plans for Climate Salad.

Hear what he had to say clicking below.

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