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Perth startup Circadyn is making sure tired workers aren’t at risk of injuring themselves. Do do this it has developed RestAlert, a platform which analyses data from wearable technology and sends alerts to make sure users are aware of when their body needs to rest.

RestAlert uses existing devices like FitBits to track and monitor fatigue. Wearable technology is already collecting information on how our bodies work, but the RestAlert platform goes a step further to analyse the user’s data, track performance and in turn then report what it finds to the user – or to their employer – if the individual is dangerously fatigued.

The technology has the potential to identify fatigued drivers, one of the three biggest killers on Australian roads. Studies show that a driver who has been behind the wheel for more than eight hours operates at a similar risk to someone with a blood alcohol content level of 0.05. Particularly in rural areas, where speed limits are and average trip lengths longer, fatigue is one of the main contributors to accidents.

Tiredness costs the Australian economy over $8 billion every year due to accidents, injury, absenteeism, workers compensation and reduced productivity, so it makes sense that systems such as RestAlert are gaining traction, especially in industries like mining, warehousing and transport, where tired minds and bodies can often translate to accidents in the workplace.

Circadyn founder and CEO, Dr Felicity Millman worked as a psychologist and a counsellor before she started the company. From her experience with patients and research in sleep biology, Millman knows how cognitive and emotional functions can be impaired when people are sleep-deprived and hopes her technology will help individuals develop healthier habits.

The system is based on neuroscience principles and allows users to monitor the quality of their sleep. It sends alerts when users are at risk of fatigue impairment and advises users about how much more sleep they should aim for to reduce their fatigue levels.

Developing a system around commercially available wearable tech means RestAlert is less expensive than other products on the fatigue management market, some of which can cost up to $10,000. For devices that sync through Bluetooth, it also means that RestAlert can automatically receive up-to-date information all throughout the day.

Millman believes RestAlert will also be an invaluable resource for employers who want to manage the risks in their workplace more effectively. The founder says RestAlert is different from other platforms because it’s more about helping users take preventative measures to change their lifestyle. Getting enough rest can help with weight loss and improve general energy and concentration levels among other things.

Circadyn is one of a growing number of digital startups in Western Australia, a sector which now accounts for roughly 25% of the state’s economic output, more than double what it was worth 2 years ago. The number of companies has increased by more than threefold and technology is changing the way the resources industry is operating.

Based in Perth, the startup is perfectly located within reach of many businesses in the mining and resources sector. It hopes to further establish RestAlert as a productivity solution for enterprises in the region.

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