This week on SUDS, the Startup Daily TV podcast: UK jail plan for tech execs, Sun Cable powers up, advice for founders, taxing NFTs

- March 18, 2022 2 MIN READ
SpaceDraft founder Lucy Cooke
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This week on the SUDS , we discussed new UK laws that could see execs from tech companies such as Facebook and TikTok facing jail for offences such as failing to take down content.

Meanwhile, the crypto industry was relieved when the European parliament voted against banning proof-of-work-based cryptocurrencies in the EU. But mining still faces the threat of being declared unsustainable, blocking investment.

On the Startup Daily show on ausbiz.com.au, we spoke to Lucy Cooke, founder of visual logistics startup SpaceDraft. The former film production manager on blockbusters Game of Thrones and Harry Potter films gave her product to teenage students to test. She explains why.

Dream don’t get much bigger than Sun Cable’s $30 billion plan to supply solar power from Australia to Singapore. Tech and mining billionaires Mike Cannon-Brookes and Dr Andrew Forrest backed the plan again in a $210 billion Series B. Founder and CEO David Griffin told us about the potential to replicate the idea where it’s needed.

Kiwi serial entrepreneur Jon Kalaugher’s latest venture, Flowingly, a process mapping & workflow automation platform, raised $4.5 million in Pre-Series A. When we asked him how startup founders should tackle their idea, Jon’s advice was brilliant.

We also spoke with Gaurav Kawar, founder of the Melbourne-based marketplace Book An Artist, which is backed by Airtasker co-founder Tim Fung. Think of it like Airbnb if you need an artist. He told the funny story of how the idea came into being.

And are you an NFT investor? Did you know you they attract GST? The ATO has turned its attention to taxing Non-Fungible Tokens and Alex Zinzopoulos from William Buck offered his advice on navigating the complexities of minting, buying and selling NFTs.

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