This week on SUDS, the Startup Daily TV podcast: Back to work, founder health, accelerator changes & investing in female founders

- June 3, 2022 < 1 MIN READ
Right Click Capital partner Benjamin Chong


Every week on the Startup Daily TV show, we talk to more than two dozen founders, CEOs, investors and experts about what’s happening in tech.

Now you can catch the best of the show with the weekly podcast, SUDS.


Welcome to the new, improved SUDS!

We’ve tweaked the format and each week host Simon Thomsen will have a special guest join him to discuss the big news of the week, tell their story and also tackle the big issue in their area of expertise, before we run through the TV show’s highlights.

This week our special guest is Right Click Capital’s Ben Chong, who reveals his childhood entrepreneurship, and offers advice on how founders can prepare for tough times ahead and look after themselves.

We also look at Elon Musk’s edict for execs to return to the office. 

From this week’s show, we talk about why Skalata Ventures changed the model for its accelerator and investment model with Wahid Tashkandi. 

Aussie Angels CEO Cheryl Mack talks about how the current investment rules are discriminating against female founders and how to change things.

Former Canva exec Gary Zurnamer spotted an opportunity and left the design giant to launch the video platform Vouch, which now counts Canva among its clients. He’s just raised $8 million in Seed round and talked about his plans. 

Simon Steele is solving a major pain point for anyone who’s ever grappled with taking meeting notes (or forgotten to) and shares how his Adelaide startup MinuteMe is saving companies time and money.

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