SUDS, with Tractor Ventures COO Jodie Imam: The tech slump, women backing women, impact awards, better vision and AI leans in

- June 10, 2022 < 1 MIN READ
Tractor co-founders Jodie Imam (centre), with Aprill and Matt Allen.
Every week on the Startup Daily TV show, we talk to more than two dozen founders, CEOs, investors and experts about what’s happening in tech.

Now you can catch the best of the show with the weekly podcast, SUDS.


Welcome to the new, improved SUDS!

Each week host Simon Thomsen has a special guest join him to discuss the big news of the week, tell their story and also tackle a big idea in their area of expertise, before we run through the TV show’s highlights.

This week our special guest is Jodie Imam, co-founder and COO of Tractor Ventures. 

We discuss the ongoing slump in tech stocks and what it means for startup valuations and the Tractor funding model.

Our big idea is women investing in female founders.

From this week’s shows we hear from SBE Australia CEO Nicole Cook about the impact awards for female founders.

Dr Sara Crowe, founder of impact startup the 4eyesVision Foundation, shares her inspirational idea to help the 1 billion people globally who are vision impaired simply because they lack access to affordable eye tests and glasses.

Duncan Anderson co-founder of edtech startup Edrolo shared his plans in the wake of a $40 million Series B raise.

And Stela Solar, the new head of the National AI Centre is travelling around the country on listening tour, and told us about Australia’s potential in AI. 

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