[PODCAST] Startup meet Corporate – Episode 6: Real Estate.

- August 17, 2017 < 1 MIN READ

This original podcast by Startup Daily takes a look at the way large corporates across Australia and New Zealand approach innovation. Leaders of large companies in this digital age across all industries are tasked with transforming themselves to remain competitive and relevant in their market.

Hosted by Gina Baldassarre and Mat Beeche from Startup Daily each episode takes a look at niche industry sectors talking to the legacy players currently dominating marketshare about their plans for the future including the opportunities they are interested in when it comes to exploring new technologies and concepts that can strengthen their business.

In this episode we explore innovation in the real estate industry. We learn about a new partnership between audiobook company and Audible and the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre aimed at enhancing the mind’s performance, and Gina talks with Andrew Clowes, head of Information Technology at JLL, about what innovation means in the real estate and investment management space and the company’s so-called digital ambition.

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