[PODCAST] Startup Meet Corporate – Episode 20: Investec

- August 17, 2018 < 1 MIN READ

On this episode, Gina and Tricia chat about startup investment.

We had a chat to Hein Vogel, the managing director of the Emerging Companies division at Investec, an “entrepreneurial-focused” investment bank.

The bank is global, founded and headquartered in South Africa, but its emerging companies division was founded in Australia two years ago to look at developing the Investec’s startup investment arm and strategy.

It’s invested in over a dozen companies so far, and they’re quite varied – among its first investments, for example, was H2 Ventures, the fintech-focused accelerator program. It’s also invested in Splend, a service which allows drivers to easily rent vehicles for rideshare driving, and one of its most recent investments was glasses company Dresden.

We spoke to Hein about the development of the Emerging Companies division, what it’s looking for in portfolio companies and what, in turn, it can offer them, and the Australian startup landscape.

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Image: Hein Vogel. Source: Supplied.