PODCAST: Longtail UX CEO Andreas Dzumla on how small business can fight back using SEO

Longtail UX is a SaaS startup that developed technology to boost website ad performance and rankings on Google.

Co-founder and CEO Andreas Dzumla is an ex-Googler who thinks the model the search giant operates is broken and stacked against small business, reducing them to suppliers to digital giants such as Amazon. He sat down with The Problem Solved to explain SEO (search engine optimisation) and its importance to business as well as how it can improve the customer experience.

During his time at Google, Dzumla was involved in the launch of the first version of AdWords Editor, Mobile Ads and Quality Score and now his focus at Longtail UX is creating an entirely new way to make websites more profitable in SEO and SEM.

The business is currently working on its  global expansion and counts SEEK’s Andrew Bassat among its backers. It recently developed a free diagnostic tool called Scorecard to help companies usw Google analytics to forecast potential ROI for both brand and generic keywords phrases.

Have a listen to what Dzumla had to say about the wide world of SEO.

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