Startup meet corporate- Episode 16 Episode 16: TwoSpace

We chat with Tashi Dorjee, the cofounder and chief space officer at TwoSpace, a startup that transforms restaurants closed during the day into a network of coworking spaces, about how it went about getting partners on board and why hotels are interested in working with the business.

Startup meet corporate- Episode 17 Episode 17: REA Group

We chat with REA Group’s chief inventor Nigel Dalton about the lessons he learned about disruption while working at Lonely Planet, what innovation looks like at a 23 year old startup that’s now an ASX-listed giant worth billions, and why REA Group can’t just rely on the clicks coming to and needs to keep reinventing itself.

Touch Ventures CEO Hein Vogel
Startup meet corporate - Episode 20 Episode 20: Investec

We had a chat to Hein Vogel, the managing director of the Emerging Companies division at Investec, an “entrepreneurial-focused” investment bank, about the development of the Emerging Companies division, what it’s looking for in portfolio companies and what, in turn, it can offer them, and the Australian startup landscape.

Startup meet corporate- Episode 24 Episode 24: OnTheGo

We sat down to talk with Mick Spencer, founder and CEO of OnTheGo, about the origins of the business, its approach to finding and working with customers, and how the partnership with Wesfarmers came about and what it entails.

Startup meet corporate- Episode 25 Episode 25: ANZ

We chat with Leigh Gibson, Tech Area Lead in the Customer Self Service tribe at ANZ, bout life at ANZ, which has been undergoing a transformation in the way it works and in its approach to innovation over the last year, along with her work mentoring other women in tech through initiatives such as the… Read more »

Startup meet corporate - Episode 28 Episode 28: Mirvac

We chat about office space with Paul Edwards, General Manager of Workplace Experiences at Mirvac, about the future of work, what Mirvac learned from the development and running of the first Hoist space, and what makes a ‘smart precinct’.