Think Talent THE GLASS CEILING - EPISODE 16 Ainsley Johnstone and Natalie Firth from Think Talent

Ainsley Johnstone and Natalie Firth are cofounders and co-CEOs of Melbourne recruitment firm Think Talent. We had a chat about the launch and growth of the business, how they developed their approach, and how they are helping to prepare both employers and job seekers for the future of work.

THE GLASS CEILING- Episode 15 Valeria Ignatieva, cofounder of WORK180

Valeria Ignatieva is cofounder of WORK180, a company which looks to connect women with roles at organisations that have a focus on gender equality. We spoke about the genesis of Work180, how it works with clients, and how the conversation about equality in the workplace has evolved since the business first launched.

littleBits The Glass Ceiling - Episode 14 Emily Tuteur, director of product design at littleBits

Emily Tuteur is director of product design at New York-based edutech startup littleBits. We had a chat about the growth of littleBits, and how she incorporates STEAM and gender-neutral design principles into her work.

OpenLearning THE GLASS CEILING - EPISODE 13 Cherie Diaz, MD Australia at OpenLearning

We spoke with Cherie Diaz, managing director for OpenLearning in Australia, about her career path, the evolution of OpenLearning’s approach to education, and the growth of the company moving forward.

THE GLASS CEILING- Episode 12 Nicola Farrell, program manager at muru-D

Nicola Farrell has been working with startups for almost a decade. We had a chat about her experience with Pollenizer, how the Australian startup ecosystem has developed over her time down under, and her role with muru-D.

THE GLASS CEILING- Episode 11 Maria Halasz, CEO of Cellmid

Maria Halasz is the managing director and CEO of the ASX-listed life sciences & biotech company, Cellmid Limited. We had a chat with Maria about her career, what it’s like running a biotechnology company, and how attitudes to women in the corporate world have changed over her time in business.

THE GLASS CEILING- Episode 10 Ann Moffatt, tech industry veteran

A veteran of the tech industry, Ann Moffatt has long been ahead of her time, starting her career in IT in 1959 as a programmer for Kodak in the UK. We sat down for a chat with Ann to talk about her career in tech and why she’s still passionate about getting others into it.

Emily Rich, Startups APAC Microsoft. Image: Supplied. THE GLASS CEILING- Episode 9 Emily Rich, MD of Startups in Australia for Microsoft

Emily Rich is the managing director of startups for Microsoft in Australia and partner at M8 Ventures. We chat with Emily about getting into tech, her journey as a founder, and why she’s stayed in startup land to help other founders.

THE GLASS CEILING- Episode 8 Ruth Hatherley, founder and CEO of Moneycatcha

We chat with Ruth Hatherley, the founder and CEO of Moneycatcha, about her career in finance, the current financial services landscape and the understanding of blockchain within it, and the process of growing the startup.

THE GLASS CEILING- Episode 7 Oksana Goncharova, Ansarada

Originally from Russia, Oksana Goncharova moved from Berlin to Australia in 2012 as part of the startup team created by Rocket Internet that launched The Iconic. We chat with her about joining Rocket Internet, her move to Australia, the experience of launching The Iconic, and the work she is now doing at Ansarada.

THE GLASS CEILING- Episode 6 Kate Morris, founder and CEO of Adore Beauty

We chat with Kate Morris, the founder and CEO of Adore Beauty, about the birth and growth of the business, the sale of a stake to Woolworths and buying it back, and supporting women in the Australian startup space.

THE GLASS CEILING- Episode 5 Monica Wulff, CEO of Startup Muster

We chat with Monica Wulff, CEO of Startup Muster, after the release of the 2017 survey report, examining the stats and looking at where the Australian startup ecosystem is headed in 2018.

THE GLASS CEILING- Episode 4 Benjamin Chong, cofounder of Right Click Capital

Benjamin Chong, cofounder and partner at Right Click Capital, talks about breaking through the glass ceiling of the Australian tech ecosystem and recounts what it was like to start a business within the dial-up era as well as the relationship between investors and founders.

THE GLASS CEILING- Episode 3 Cyan Ta’eed, cofounder of Envato

We chat with Envato cofounder Cyan Ta’eed about breaking through the glass ceiling of the Australian tech ecosystem and what it has taken to build one of the worlds most successful digital companies. 

THE GLASS CEILING- Episode 2 Julie Demsey, SBE Australia

We sat down with Julie Demsey, General Manager of Springboard Enterprises in Australia, to talk about her move from Silicon Valley, the importance of developing the right culture in a startup, leading high performing teams, and why founders should aim to have a sustainable business.