“If it’s not broke, don’t fix it,” this mantra is why many organisations and large companies are subject to disruption. Their business models have been long withstanding, however the emergence of the digital era has brought with it new and innovative business models that have shaken industries to their core. Many of these models are based on human centric design, and are invested in people, rather than economic gain.

Moments of change in the 21st century, like the development of blockchain technology, the creation of virtual reality and the introduction of the sharing economy have all led to the disruption of business models. These digital disruptions are both a threat and an opportunity for businesses. Innovation is no longer an option, it is a requirement. But can the old and new exist in harmony?

For Pause 2017, the third day of the three-day festival will discuss why creating innovative business models is relevant for people working within digital industries. With the running theme of ‘Master of Disruption,’ Pause will discuss the latest strategies small and large businesses alike are implementing to stay on top of the game.

George Hedon, founder of Pause said, “the Business day will reveal how businesses are adapting their strategies to exploit the potential offered by the rapidly evolving digital realm.”

A key speaker at Pause’s Business day is Jim Antonopoulos, director of Tank, the strategic design firm for purpose-driven leaders. Tank works with for-purpose organisations to help them create positive societal impact and will be hosting a discussion on the topic, ‘The Meaningful Organisation: Human-centred design and brand development.’

Antonopoulos will engage with attendees and offer them insights into the human-centred design methods Tank adopts. These methods include helping CEOs to create purpose-driven business strategies and helping executives to develop brand strategies and on-brand cultures with meaningful experiences.

“Not many larger organisations have realised that this is a smart way of working. It’s efficient, it’s inexpensive, but also at the other end the outcomes are profitable and there’s a commercial reality to it,” said Antonopoulos.

“There are a lot of organisations that are like large, lumbering ships and they take a slow time to turn,” he added.

Attendees of Pause 2017 will be able to hear just how organisations like Bank Australia and Netball Australia have challenges the notion of design-based business. In working with Tank, Antonopoulos will reveal how these specific organisations have developed approaches rooted in human connectedness.

“There’s a lot of people who just go through the motions and they don’t give a crap about the user, they don’t really care about the customer. The customer’s voice isn’t at the boardroom table, executives are just writing briefs, executing them and moving from one to the next,” said Antonopoulos.

“Embracing human design methods allowed us to force the situation, force these leaders and executives to listen to the customers, clients or the users. There was a clash between what the user needs and what the organisation, business and brand wants to achieve.”

In adding to the idea of company’s transforming their approaches to their customers, Jodie Auster, vice president for world leading service marketplace, Thumbtack will host a talk on how to redefine a company’s core values. Auster will discuss, “The Power of Company Values: Lessons learned from one Silicon Valley unicorn’s journey.”

Attendees at Pause Business Day will hear Auster speak about the journey Thumbtack has taken to bring to life its core values. “When well defined, a company’s core values act as an important guide for every action taken,” said Auster.

For attendees interested in business, technology or creativity, Auster’s talk will inspire all who wish to understand the importance of developing core values within businesses small and large. For rapidly growing companies like startups, identifying core business values is a powerful exercise that Auster will explain can really help anchor a company.

For startups innovation is a recipe that includes defining core values, creative brand development and disruptive technologies. To debate why Australian business as a whole need to innovate entrepreneurs from Sammway, Appscore,, Alley and Xchange will engage in a panel discussion. Representatives from each startup will discuss the topic, ‘Can you still be Disruptive in the Disrupted Age?’

Panelists will talk about the need to encourage innovation within Australia, how to develop emerging technologies in the Australian market and how to remain relevant in an increasingly competitive, disruptive space.

We all know that disruption is one of the biggest buzzwords floating around the startup ecosystem. To approach the topic of disruption, the panel will debate the difference between disruption and re-inventing the wheel.

For attendees, who are looking or thinking about investment, the Business day panel will explain the latest investments in tech and what investors look for. Alternatively for investors, the panel will look at what needs to be considered when investing locally in Australia. The panelists will approach each area of discussion from their widespread startup experiences in the domestic and international markets.

Pause Fest 2017 will take place at Federation Square on the 8th-10th of February 2017. Tickets can be purchased here.

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