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THE FUTURE OF WORK: Melbourne founders on how Hub Australia lets them scale up with flexibility

- April 21, 2021 < 1 MIN READ
Hub Australia's Collins Street Cafe
2020 changed the way startup founders think about working.

And now, as attention turns to how we’ll manage returning to the office – even tech companies that last year said people can work from home indefinitely are now having a rethink – the question is what will the future of work look like, and how to tackle challenges such as scaling up your business quickly and with flexibility.

Co-shared offices are not a new phenomenon, but many companies, from early stage startups to multinational corporations are now looking more closely at the possibilities to create workspaces their teams love to come and work in.

Hub Australia welcomes thousands of entrepreneurs, teams, and professionals through its doors every day, with locations in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Offering the future of work, Hub has flexible workspace arrangements and terms for customers to grow their networks, impact, and business.