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Picture Perfect: Why your images can make or break your business

- July 9, 2018 3 MIN READ

Photographer and influencer Jade Warne explains why businesses need to take control of their images and how a DSLR could help them up the ante in the social media stakes.

“Photographic images were always a huge part of the media I consumed as a kid. I remember pouring over my grandparents’ collection of yellow-spined National Geographic magazines and being entranced by the incredible visions of simmering volcanos, mud-smeared tribes, savage cats and deep-sea microcosms,” says photographer Jade Warne.

Despite this fascination for photography, a career as an intrepid shooter wasn’t always on the cards. Instead, Warne’s initial career forays were in the world of print and social media. However, following the birth of her second daughter, Warne found balancing work and home life with a publisher in the big city was a juggle. Something had to give.

Inspired by all the wonderful parents and kids in her life, Warne quit her job as an editor and social media manager and launched Hipster Mum. The platform not only showcases her retouching and photography skills but also celebrates parenthood.

“It aims to tell the truth about parenting in a funny, modern and helpful way. Like any good comedy, there’s lots of truth, thought and vulnerability that goes into that,” Warne tells Kochie’s Business Builders.

Today, Hipster Mum is a reputable presence in the crowded blogosphere and Warne is a photographer, blogger and influencer of note. Whilst her editorial skills have held her in good stead, when it comes to creating content Warne credits much of her success to her ability to craft a story through her images. In this digital world, perception is everything and Warne uses her skills to assist brands to deliver credible stories that will resonate. At the heart of these are her photographs.

With digital transformation the talk of small business, Warne suggests SMBS need to jump on board and take advantage of the government’s extension of the instant asset tax write-off to future-proof their tech. Whilst upgrading your computer might be your first thought, Warne says it would be remiss not to consider purchasing a new camera to give your business and brand’s social media an added boost.

“In a digital world, you are your images. Your sales, your brand awareness, your collaboration opportunities – all depend on having great imagery. You already have the story and the great business. By taking control of your imagery, you’re in charge of an essential element of online success.”

She encourages small businesses to use a DSLR to help them tell these stories and tells KBB that SMBs need to be savvier when creating their posts.

“Social media is the latest incarnation of what people and brands have always done: share stories. The best social posts reflect this. You have a story. Your business has a story. Your customers have stories. This is what your social should be about: those moments of your business day when you might turn to your partner or pals later and say “Hey, this happened – what do you think about it?” Like any good story, the best social posts also come with an image that captures attention and provokes discussion,” she says.

Whilst Warne acknowledges today’s smartphones provide decent images she says there are situations when you can’t go past a DSLR.

“They provide sharper, brighter, better quality and more consistent images: DSLR files capture vastly more data which translates as deeper, richer images, she explains. Think a slow-cooked roast vs a microwave meal.”

“Images are essential for a good website and good product photography,” she adds “and you can use images shot on a DSLR in multiple ways: say you love a pic and want to use it on social, but also on your website and printed marketing material – with a DSLR shot you have that flexibility.”

Warne says even a novice can create great images with a DSLR.

It’s all about light. You want to shoot somewhere the light is bright but even (not dappled or full sun, but not too shady) with predominantly neutral or white surrounds.”

She also suggests there is plenty of online tutorials to help you get your feet.

“Canon gear is amazing in that the investment you make once really does continue to benefit your business more over time,” Warne concludes

So, isn’t it time your business jumped on board the digital transformation train and invested in some great camera gear?

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