Australian startups paving the way to a digital future

- May 28, 2018 2 MIN READ

As smartphones and wearable tech become the new norm and we forget life before tech, Australia’s startups are leveraging existing technology to create innovative solutions for both our social and working lives.

From hardware to software, new innovations are helping reinvigorate and digitise sectors as diverse as medicine, hospitality, mining, and agriculture.

In Victoria, healthtech startup Medcorp is developing a wearable bandaid-like device that collects information from patients and alerts their doctor should anything unusual surface. The idea is to prevent infections among patients with lower immunity by monitoring core body temperature. This helps ensure timely treatment of fevers and viruses and helps prevent serious threats to health.

Startups are creating solutions that are not only transforming our everyday lives, but are also helping businesses across the country. In Australia, more than two-thirds of startups target businesses, and more attention is turning to areas like mining, agriculture and manufacturing, where tech developments are spurring what’s been dubbed the fourth industrial revolution.

Such startups are, in turn, leveraging artificial intelligence and cloud computing as they look to disrupt and change the way different industries operate. In turn, they are also realising the importance of having the right tools to tap into the benefits of cloud technologies. Mobility is productivity and PC performance has evolved to support these new ways of working.       

Intel has designed computer processor chips that are now powerful enough to handle 4K video and offer desktop performance while still being portable, perfect to accompany you from pitch to pitch. Not to mention, startups and small businesses have access to flexible cloud solutions for data storage and software, meaning there’s never been a better time to kickstart your own business, wherever you – or your team – may be working from around the world.

This technology has transformed working life entirely: many Australian startup founders work remotely, with the most recent Startup Muster report showing that fewer than 1 in 3 startups have their own office space. It’s common to work from home, from a coworking space, or from just anywhere smart devices can be used or tethered.

So, while the challenges facing startup founders may be numerous – limited resources, experience, and financial backing, to name just a few – the easy availability of powerful tech tools has made many a startup feel that they have no excuse to not pursue their idea and develop what could become the next world-changing innovation.

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