Caltex Spark Program

Meet Louise Warner – Executive General Manager, Fuels and Infrastructure

- February 8, 2018 2 MIN READ

Louise is responsible for ensuring competitive reliable fuel supply for our customers. Louise’s career has spanned a range of roles within the company, starting as a process engineer at the Kurnell refinery. Louise gained commercial and trading experience through her secondment to Chevron UK. Recently, she was responsible for successfully establishing Caltex Australia’s first overseas operations, Ampol Singapore, which includes the company’s global trading and shipping function.

Tell us what gets you firing in the morning? 

Each morning I have the opportunity to come to work with a great team of people and at a company focused on growth and improvement.  Our Fuels and Infrastructure business spans from Singapore to New Zealand and across Australia, and we work with a wide range of our customers within the dynamic global oil markets.  This means that each day brings new challenges and I look forward to taking them on with my team who are always ready to go.

Who inspires you when you look around the Australian business community? 

Australia has a longstanding history of finding clever ways to solve problems, from the Hills Hoist, to the pacemaker and the wine cask and now with the rise of companies like Atlassian. I think it is our culture of independence and curiosity that allows our little nation to punch above its weight in terms of innovation and ability to turn good ideas into practical realities.

What excites you about Caltex Spark?  

As a proud Australian company, Caltex plays a unique role in providing transport fuels and other everyday needs for our broad range of customers across Australia and New Zealand – whether they are families visiting our retail stores or big and small businesses across our huge country responsible for driving our economy.  Not only are they varied but their interests and needs are changing rapidly.  I am excited to be part of Caltex Spark, as it will give us a platform to develop new ideas that will make a difference to all of our customers.

What’s the biggest lesson you have learnt in your career? 

Take a chance on the unknown – as a trained engineer, I often focus on risks and what could go wrong with something new and different. However, stepping out into the unknown and with the right plans in place allows us to grow and develop as individuals and as part of our companies.

Tell us something people don’t know about you? 

I started my career with Caltex in 1999 at the Kurnell refinery as a graduate process engineer, and have had the opportunity to work in trading, supply, project and even IT roles.  Maybe this is actually something that people don’t know about Caltex – that we have a great variety of roles to choose from and I have been lucky to build my career across different areas within the same company.

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