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The One Two is helping women with one of their biggest pain points: a well-fitted bra

- February 23, 2021 3 MIN READ
The One Two co-founders Maria Golushko and Margot Balch.
Fifty percent of the world’s adult population have one thing in common – breasts. And of those women, most wear bras to support them. 

Along with that, in total, women spend approximately $120 billion every year on this product.

Despite this large customer group and significant market opportunity, most of those women are unhappy with the way their bra fits. 

Margot Balch, co-founder of The One Two, is aiming to solve this problem and address this market. 

“A huge 68% of us women are uncomfortable in our bras,” she says. “52% hate bra shopping and 51% struggle to find bras that fit.

“The industry has been lazy for too long and it’s time for this to change. The One Two is on a mission to disrupt the global lingerie industry.

The One Two, an Antler portfolio company, delivers a hyper-personalised shopping experience, superior online fit and better bras.

“After custom fitting hundreds of women, we are uniquely positioned to know what size women really are,” says Balch. 

“We’ve found that most bras aren’t made for real women’s bodies.

“Ninety percent of what’s on the shelves is poorly engineered from poor quality materials and made in sizes that don’t reflect women’s real bodies.”

“We are making it personal – talking to your pain points, rather than trying to fit everything to everyone, delivering a fit survey that replaces hours in awkward fitting rooms and back this up with a better bra, and offering a two-try fit guarantee and a wear guarantee, which is new to the Australian market.

“It’s time for all of us women to stop feeling overwhelmed after trying on bras and leaving the store empty handed. We deserve better – comfortable bras that make us feel uplifted and a shopping experience that makes it easy.” 

In November, 2,000 customers had signed up to The One Two, and more than 500 active community members were testing the product.

“Soon we’re launching with a pre-sale campaign, and will launch our website sometime after that. We’ve had some exciting early traction from women who want to help us to solve the problem of unattractive and uncomfortable bras,” says Balch.

“We’d love women to sign-up to our community and help us create their dream bras. I can’t believe in 2021 that this doesn’t exist yet and am so excited to launch.”

Along with Balch, who has experience in growing an ecommerce brand from a zero to $3.5 million run rate and sale in six months, as well as being part of the team that launched The Iconic in Australia, the founding team behind The One Two is complemented by Maria Golushko.

“Maria is extremely talented,” says Balch. “Her background spans software development, strategy at McKinsey & Co, and she just returned from New York, where she co-founded a couture fashion brand achieving high critical acclaim, including from Beyoncé.

“Maria and I feel grateful to have joined Antler and to have met each other. Antler provides a strong network of support and access to potential investors.”

The pair were part of Antler’s, an early-stage venture capital platform, June 2020 cohort, which helped to build 13 technology businesses. These companies were invested in by Antler, and are now part of the VC’s global portfolio of more than 260 companies.

The businesses can now leverage Antler’s global network of investors, experts and other early-stage founders to exponentially grow and scale their business from Australia. Find out more here.

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