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6 hacks to improve your small businesses’ productivity

- August 30, 2018 2 MIN READ

SMEs have access to a burgeoning surplus of tech products and services designed to improve productivity today. So much so that it feels easier to draw up a long list of favourites than it does whittle that down to a short one.

Nevertheless, since it’s well worth highlighting the best of the best, here are six tech-based hacks you can utilise to put your business on a productivity fast track.

Bear in mind too that it’s a good idea to ensure your staff members have a universal definition of productivity so you can work in harmony to achieve it.

Productivity apps

The landscape of productivity apps is vast and fertile. Go app shopping and you’ll find a bounty of apps – free and cheap – that match your most urgent needs. Compare the options to find the best-suited ones, implement metrics and measure performance regularly. Whether you want to make your communications more productive, improve time management or be savvier about project management, small businesses are spoiled for choice.

Network Connection

Bad network connections are the bane of many small Australian businesses, according to recent research conducted by online accounting software company Xero. Its survey of 1000 Australian small businesses found almost half identified their poor phone and Internet connection as impediments to connecting with and converting new customers.

Speedtest enables you to test the speed and performance of your Internet connection. It helps you identify if your router or service provider is stunting your productivity. You can also access a range of apps to analyse your Wi-Fi settings and optimise your Wi-Fi network.

Marketing Automation

Small business-friendly marketing automation platforms such as Hubspot and Pardot can automate a range of tasks including social media posts, website content and blogging, electronic direct marketing, landing pages, lead listing and analytics/reporting.

Green Hat’s 2016 B2B Marketing Outlook found 51 per cent of respondents have a marketing automation platform and ROI satisfaction rose from 38 per cent in 2015 to 43 percent in 2016.

You can make marketing automation as easy or complex as your business requires.

Cloud solutions

Software as a Service (SaaS) is engendering major demand from businesses seeking to improve productivity. Using SaaS allows you to secure your data in your cloud provider’s data container and always enjoy the most current software features and functionality as part of your service.

Businesses of all sizes can access a range of subscription plans and access external support to maximise their subscriptions. Dell customers, for example, can receive setup and installation, configuration and migration and administration and support services with an  Office 365 subscription.


Whether it’s to respond to emails, write reports or draft a blog for your business, speech-to-text technology is becoming an increasingly accurate and sophisticated way to complete these tasks.

In a traffic jam, you can dictate like a dictator to virtual assistants like Siri and s/he will transcribe and send your email pronto.

Voice recognition software can turn your voice into text much faster than typing does. It won’t replace typing but it will complement your productivity with written communication.

Dual monitors

Various studies investigating the impact of dual-monitor setups on productivity have found they can significantly save workers’ time and increase accuracy.

Buying dual monitors is a small investment for the return it can deliver for your SMB’s bottom line. Computer technology companies such as Dell can assist you in the process of selecting your ideal monitors and setting them up efficiently.

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