It was time to say goodbye to shoestring.com.au

- June 10, 2014 < 1 MIN READ

As avid readers of our publication have already noticed and commented on, over the weekend, our site shoestring.com.au underwent a little bit of a makeover.

Part of this new positioning is to differentiate what has now become a very popular online publication in the startup space, from the blog that we once were when I started writing sporadically about startups in 2011.

The new name of the website is STARTUP DAILY – we have kept it simple and direct.

Over the last year our content has begun to morph from straight out profiles on startups to what is now, a more journalistic approach. We have still kept that no bullshit generation Y style that we started with, but have started to venture into territory where we:

(a) Feel the startup media should be going, such as strong opinion pieces, news and analysis, critique and investigative posts.

(b) Will be writing about other issues that affect our audience of Gen Y startups including technology, politics and social issues.

This is an exciting time for myself and my very small, but very hardworking team. The new name is also beneficial from a commercial sense. Startup Daily has a definitive sound and meaning to it, that of course allows us to have clearer conversation with our advertisers without explaining the origins of “shoestring”.

Shoe String Media is not dead however, in fact, far from it. The company is still operating under Shoe String Media and Startup Daily is the title of our publication, just one of the products our business will be offering as we look towards a bright future of creating more brilliant original content.

Please note all contact details for the business remain the same.

All old links and the shoestring.com.au URL automatically redirect to startupdaily.com.au now.