How a workshop can power your next career move

- September 28, 2018 3 MIN READ

“You have to ask for help and ask for opportunities, because people don’t know what you do until you tell them.”

This thought has powered mindset and performance coach Miriam Wood from side hustle to side hustle throughout her career.

While it may sound like it’s easier said than done, Miriam believes there is no shortage of tools out there for Australians to leverage in order to skill up and develop the confidence to forge ahead in their careers – whatever path those careers may end up taking.

The proof is in the pudding with Miriam herself: having started out in the fitness industry, she took a digital marketing course at General Assembly five years ago that enabled her to set about on a career change and launch a new business in the social media space.

Now, she’s back at General Assembly as an instructor, leading workshops on skills including public speaking, stress management, how to present, and how to develop the right mindset.

Miriam found her way back to General Assembly because she believes in the way it goes about fulfilling its mission to help people upskill and develop their careers.

“Someone can literally transform their life and their business by saying, I want to learn this, I want a new job, I want to start a business, because whatever their goal is, they can go to General Assembly and get the skills and confidence to be able to achieve that outcome,” she said.

The education is so effective, Miriam said, because it is being led by industry experts who are, in turn, supported by a strong community.

“The way you can access knowledge and flex and pivot in your own right by having that community, being able to go to events where you can rub shoulders with the right people and get support and help from people that are in the industry, is huge,” Miriam said.

“It’s not just that you go to this place to do a course and learn; it’s about the exposure, and the pathways made available to you to meet the right people and actually feel your outcomes.”

Samsung has partnered with General Assembly to open up a world of new opportunities to more Australians through Days of Note.

A month-long series of tailored workshops and events championing productivity, innovation, and creativity to help people be inspired, get empowered, and take the leap, Days of Note is helping Australians gain the skills and confidence to forge their own path, just like Miriam did.

As part of the series, six workshops are running at the Days of Note Hub, a specially-designed dynamic and creative space at WeWork in Sydney’s Pyrmont.

Aiming to inspire are the workshops ‘Success in the digital age’, which will explore key trends in the digital landscape that reflect changing consumer behaviours, and evaluate the challenge and opportunities these trends pose to an idea or side hustle; and ‘Design thinking 101’, which will teach participants a range of information gathering and research tools to help them understand and connect with their customers.

Looking to help empower are ‘From problem to prototype’, a workshop to help participants conduct customer experiments with a prototype and test script, and practice evaluative research with real usability tests; and ‘How to win at UX’, teaching the basics of how to design user-friendly experiences, and assess the experiences a side hustle can offer its customers.

Pushing participants to then take the leap are the workshops ‘Content marketing workout’, taking students through how to create marketing content for customers; and ‘Introduction to coding’, which will help participants build a simple responsive web page to take their side hustle to the next level.

Miriam believes Samsung is filling a crucial gap in the market with Days of Note to support Australians to bring to life their businesses and passion projects.

“If you’ve got an idea and a way that you can add value, what gets you up another day to give something a go and put something out there could just be workshop,” she said.

“You could just need a conversation, or exposure to a new idea or productivity hack, and going to a workshop is a great way of getting that proximity to the inspiration and knowledge you need.”

Each workshop is running at WeWork in Pyrmont until the 4th of October. Be inspired, get empowered, and take the leap by booking your spot here.