Perth startup Hangover Helpers will clean your house and cook you breakfast after a party

- June 29, 2015 2 MIN READ

Whether you have just a few friends over for a quiet get together or you host a rager, it’s guaranteed that you would probably do anything to get someone to clean up for you the next morning. Perth startup Hangover Helpers does just that.

Launched this month, Hangover Helpers will clean up your house after a party – and cook you breakfast. Through the website, users can book a cleaner and calculate cost based on the number of rooms to cleaned, whether there are any outdoor areas to be cleaned, how many guests will be there, and how many breakfasts you’ll want the morning after.

What’s more, users can choose which breakfast they want: whether they want to be healthy and go for the muesli and yogurt after all the alcohol the night before, or satisfy their cravings for grease with the breakfast wrap. The cleaners will also bring a range of drinks. The service offers weekend cleans and a same day service.

Founder James Hookway said the idea came to him, of course, after he held a party.

“I was hungover in bed with my wife, our house was a mess and we had no food and wanted someone to bring us breakfast in bed and clean the house. It was a bit of a pipe dream at first but after researching the industry and seeing the strong potential in the market, we decided to put this idea into action,” he said.

From TidyMe to Helpling, there are a number of cleaning services in the market. While focusing on cleaning after parties seems like it’s limiting Hangover Helpers’ offering, Hookway believes that, in fact, focusing on this niche will help set the startup apart from the others.

“Hangover Helpers is a brand name, we believe it will be the ‘go to’ for both the domestic and hospitality industry,” he said.

“There is no limit to what type of event or venue can use our service, and there is no limit to what additional party services we can offer down the track to take the headache out of party planning.”

Hookway said Hangover Helpers wants to be a fun and energetic company and develop a relationship with its customers. Unlike other cleaning startups, Hangover Helpers’ cleaners are employees rather than contractors; the startup uses contractors only when a customer requests professional carpet cleaning services.

“We are a full service party clean up company, but we like to think we offer an experience, not just a service. Sure, we clean your house, but we also bring breakfast and we genuinely want to know how good the party was,” he said.

Hookway is focused on testing and refining the service in Perth for the time being. With households in Perth being younger and having, on average, a higher disposable income than the rest of Australia, Hangover Helpers could find success in the market.

“Our current focus is to first develop a strong following in the Perth metro area over the next 12 months. At that point we will make a decision on whether the time is right for expansion into other capital cities.”

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