News, capital raising, and growth-focused content is what the local startup ecosystem wanted in 2017

- January 2, 2018 2 MIN READ

At the start of each new year, one of the first things that we do at Startup Daily is take a look back at the last 12 months on the website to assess what types of content the Australian startup ecosystem were most engaged with in order to identify the general sentiment of the year gone by. We also use the same data to determine what upcoming trends and topics will hold importance during the new calendar year.

In 2017 the daily startup news, content on raising capital or recent funding rounds, and articles that explored growing a company, increasing sales and reaching profitability were the three key topics or content types that the Australian startup ecosystem clicked on, searched for, and engaged with most on Startup Daily.

Startup Daily’s content insights show us that in the year 2017 there were 417,971 unique individuals from Australia that engaged with content on our website. We have excluded visitors from other nations in order to make sure that we are reflecting 100 percent on what the local startup ecosystem is telling us.

The top three content verticals were followed closely by content that we identify as ‘features’ – these include profiles on new startups, founders, and key individuals in the tech community.

This means that visitors to Startup Daily primarily come first to inform themselves. Many then come to educate themselves, while others then come for inspiration as they engage with content about key individuals and startup company success stories.

As we begin 2018 there are a couple of things that come across loud and clear when we analyse the data – the first is that the local startup ecosystem wants to hear more from influencers, and key individuals and leaders in the sector on the topics making headlines in the sector. You, the reader, find strong opinions important and want more of them over the next twelve months.

The other surprise find was that Startup Daily is beginning to gain a strong following among corporate innovators, and in 2018 these new readers, as well as the wider startup ecosystem, would like to see more content that delves deeper into the corporate innovation vertical. The Startup meets Corporate podcast has also started to gain a loyal following, with a spike in listeners in the latter part of last year; in turn, in 2018 it will be back and bigger than ever.

Users of the Startup Daily platform have indicated that they still want to stay informed, educate themselves, and keep inspired in 2018, but want to do so in a more interactive way that includes a multimedia approach of audio, live event, and video content.

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