MINTED: Andrew Bragg is selling Australia’s first Senator NFT

- March 31, 2022 2 MIN READ
The NFT Cryptosenator: Sen Andrew Bragg by crypto artist Joan Westenberg
It’s not every day you can buy at Australian politician, but digital assets fan and NSW Senator Andrew Bragg is offering someone that chance for good cause.

Senator Bragg, who chaired the Senate Select Committee on Australia as a Technology and Financial Centre, advocating that Australia could be a cryptocurrency epicentre and world leader in digital, has collaborated with startup investor and crypto artist Joan Westenberg to mint a non-fungible token (NFT) portrait of the Liberal politician currently up for auction.

With bidding on OpenSea closing at 9pm tonight, March 31, “Coinstash CEO” has bid US$3,399.62 for the NFT.

The Senator, who counts reconciliation with Australia’s indigenous people, and wrote a book about it: Buraadja, The Liberal Case For National Reconciliation is donating the funds raised to that cause.

NFTs have been embraced by Indigenous artists, including the Yolŋu artists from the Yirrkala community in Arnhem land. The Mulka Project is creating NFTs as an avenue for Yolŋu artists to mint and authenticate their digital work.

This week Visa announced it was launching a program to assist arts practitioners understand and gear up to generate income from NFTs

Senator Bragg decided to explore NFT space as an example of the potential for artists.

“This NFT is more than just a sign of good faith in the emerging industry, it’s a commitment to the artists that I will be advocating for them in Canberra,” he said.

“We know that digital assets and blockchain are rapidly growing and will be a huge part of our future, we need to create a framework that attracts talent and keeps them here.

“All money raised will go to an indigenous organisation close to my heart, The Dreaming Foundation.”

If invigorated politician is your preference over Bored Ape, then you can bid for the “Cryptosenator” here.


EDITOR’S NOTE: The CryptoSenator NFT sold for nearly $13,000.


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