Insights analyses data and trends so corporate innovation teams can make informed decisions

- August 10, 2017 2 MIN READ

At Startup Daily we spend a lot of time talking about initiatives that bridge the communication gaps that exist between the startup ecosystem and other groups or individuals.

Last year we launched Silicon Paddock to better connect startups in the city with their regionally-based peers. Recently our organisation partnered with a platform launched by Slingshot Accelerator called CoVentured, which connects startups with corporates.

Insights has been designed to complement such a service: it is for individuals working in roles that focus on corporate innovation, policy advisory and venture capital.

There is a lot of noise out there when it comes to the topic of startups and innovation. We also know that sifting through all that information can end up wasting a lot of hours which you could be spending actually innovating and rolling out new programs and initiatives.

It is our job to know all the news as it relates to the startup ecosystem. We have been doing it since early 2012 and have built technologies into our business that allow us to do it efficiently and accurately.

One of our goals around Insights is for subscribers to start every Monday in the know and on top of their game because we have already filled them in on everything that they should be across in our curated newsletter when it comes to major startup news and discussions taking place across the country.

Using our insights technology we currently track all the news across the web on the Australian startup ecosystem. The tool which we created and have been using internally for the last 12 months also collects various types of data on local startups, allowing us to analyse and provide insight on what is happening in the space.

In addition to curating all the startup news that those working in the area of innovation and experimentation should be across, we will also be using Insights to create bespoke premium content like our Raise’n podcast; reports, like our upcoming Silicon Paddock Report on NSW Regional Startups, and other focus areas of the Australian startup ecosystem like HeathTech, EduTech, MediaTech, and AgriTech, to name a handful.

Connecting with others in the innovation space to bounce ideas and explore collaborative opportunities is another important aspect that we seek to address. In doing so, premium subscribers will have access to a private Slack group that we have created specifically for members – but our larger focus here will be on bringing our online community members offline via a series of bespoke events for the Insights community.

After all, collaboration is the cornerstone of innovation.

For more information on Startup Daily Insights or to sign up for a free 30 day trial visit: startupdaily.net/insightsAU