Bright Sparks: 5 events to light your spark this week

- October 25, 2021 2 MIN READ
Zoe Daniel
Former ABC Washington Bureau Chief Zoe Daniel delves into global cybersecurity threats as part of Spark Festival
Spark Festival – Australia’s biggest event for founders, business owners and anyone looking to hustle their way out of Covid, hits its third and final week this week.

The full program is massive, so to help you out we asked Spark Festival director Maxine Sherrin to pick out 5 things worth putting in the diary for the week ahead.

More on the Spark Festival  here.

In the meantime, check out these events.

Hello From the Year 2050: A Hopeful Future for the Planet

Wed Oct 27, 11am AEDT

Join Cicada Innovation for a very special conversation with Courtney Hohne, Chief Storyteller for ‘X: The Moonshot Factory’, the radical innovation lab at Google parent company Alphabet, who will be discussing the many ‘moonshots’ we’ll need to take together to combat the effects of climate change.

Pitch Power Series: Which Deck?

Wed Oct 27, 12pm AEDT

Unfortunately, there isn’t just one deck to rule them all. Depending on your audience, and your business goals at that time, you will need to adapt and refine your deck, every single time. Refine your messaging and learn the differences between a pitch deck, an investor deck, and a customer deck, and when to use which.  


Founders $*@^up Stories & How to Avoid Them

Wed Oct 27, 6:30pm AEDT

How else do we learn except by making mistakes? Well, sometimes you can learn from the mistakes of others. And sometimes you learn best by being truly vulnerable about your own mistakes. Sydney-siders, head across to Innovation Drive’s HQ in Marrickville for a rare Spark 2021 in-person event that will be a chance to do both these things.


Cybersecurity: Global Threats, Local Impacts

Thu Oct 28, 8:30am, AEDT

Cybersecurity threats are a risk to every organisation, irrespective of size, industry or sophistication. There have been attacks on pipelines, meatworks and local legal practices. At this startup-friendly event, learn some successful strategies for anticipating, blunting and recovering from a cybersecurity attack.


Meet The People of Tech Central

Thu Oct 28, 12:30pm AEDT

Frontier startups. Major universities. Ambitious students, pioneering researchers. Creatives and executives, practitioners and developers. Find out more about this exciting district and connect with the people growing new industries, igniting new markets and powering our nation’s economy into the future.


Pitch-O-Rama at Spark Festival this week

The last days of Spark Festival hold five awesome opportunities to catch some up and coming startups at these pitch nights and demo days:

FOMENT – Meet the startups driving interest in Australia as the global hub of viti, wine and tourism tech development and adoption

Gate Virtual – Agricultural innovators exploring a diverse range of on-farm, supply chain and agribusiness projects

Genesis Cohort 28 Final – Genesis has supported more than 1,000 University of Sydney alumni, students and staff to accelerate their commercial and social enterprises.

Croc Pitch – Find out about the interesting startups who are innovating in the Northern Territory.

HATCH Taronga Accelerator Program exciting ideas to improve wildlife conservation and create a more sustainable future.