Creativity is central to innovation within the digital industry and spans across both technology and business sectors. Creative thinking is what has lead to digital innovations like virtual and augmented reality, which are set to take the world by storm. As adoption rates of creative tech innovations increase, businesses are starting to realise where the real potential lies.

For Pause 2017, the first day of the three-day festival will discuss the creative industry, with the theme, ‘Make Ideas Happen.’ Across the Creative day, Pause will showcase ideas and expert knowledge from industry leaders like Erminio Putigiano, founder of PUSH Collective and will host workshops from the latest developments to come out of the ABC.

Pause will also set the stage for a panel discussion on digital marketing, which will look at our obsession with social and digital media. The panel will host world class speakers from leading companies like Etsy, affix, Powershop, Interbrand and Ausbrokers.

Founder of Pause, George Hedon says next year’s festival will go beyond the hype of the digital industry’s hottest touchpoints- virtual reality, mixed reality and augmented reality.

“Pause will be discussing solution focused design, storytelling and digital marketing to discuss the real commercial and business opportunities that these disciplines represent,” said Hedon.

Leading the discussion around creativity and how it empowers technology and business is Putigiano, with his keynote speech on- ‘Storytelling or Bullshitting: A subtle, yet important difference at the heart of today’s brands.’

Putigiano will discuss how the concept of ‘storytelling’ dominates the debate around brand building and content management. Putigiano will talk about how the word ‘storytelling’ has “become one of the greatest buzzwords of the entire business world.”

For attendees interested in the creativity industry, Pause’s three-day festival will showcase how storytelling is relevant within other industries like technology and business. While creativity may be your area of interest or expertise, success within creativity only comes from a holistic approach that covers the areas of technology and business. Over three days Pause will highlight the convergence of creativity, technology and business to explore the holistic approach many industry leaders now take.

No matter what discipline or interest, each day of Pause will look at the cross-pollination of those three dominate industries that are now infiltrating every aspect of innovation.

In looking at the ways innovative ideas can be formed, Jo Szczepanska, acting head of ABC R+D Digital Network will be hosting a workshop to introduce attendees to a new method of brainstorming. The workshop will give attendees the chance to play around with the ABC’s self-made product called Technology Tarot Cards.

These cards are used as a tool by the ABC to engage audiences on creativity both inside and outside the technology world. The cards will be brought to Pause’s Creative day to initiate a discussion around technology and help attendees find ideas within emerging trends.

Attendees will have the opportunity to partake in the Technology Tarot Card workshop and brainstorm any ideas they have, no matter what industry they are from.

Szczepanska has identified five key megatrends in technology, including ubiquitous computing, big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning and new interfaces called NUIs [Natural User Interfaces]. The Technology Tarot Cards break down these megatrends and the technological jargon associated with them, so people of any age or industry can ideate.

Szczepanska says the workshop is all about ideation, “we look at a particular problem, something we’re curious about and we ideate future trends using the Technology Tarot Cards to brainstorm opportunities in a rapid way.”

Future creative trends in industries, especially in social media are hard to predict. People are continually looking at new ways to approach innovation within the digital age and are working creatively to develop new brand strategies. In discussing creative innovation at Pause will be a panel on the topic of ‘Digital Marketing: Why Bother?’

The panel will highlight the pros and cons of adopting a purely digital marketing strategy and the risk of ignoring or underinvesting in traditional media. Panelist will question if our obsession with the social and digital age misses the point in the power that an integrated approach has.

The panel will also discuss with each other and the audience various digital marketing methods. They will question whether or not we are placing a disproportionate emphasis on what actually delivers results for brands.

Pause Fest 2017 will take place at Federation Square on the 8th-10th of February 2017. Tickets can be purchased here.

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