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Since 2013, the Talent Unleashed Awards have been recognising those at the forefront of innovation and bringing together a community of influential disruptors and game-changers.

For Dan Radcliffe, being part of the Talent Unleashed Awards has always been exciting. The founder and executive director of International Volunteer HQ has been on the team of judges for the past two years and said he enjoys working with such a high calibre of entrants.

In fact, Radcliffe said it’s a privilege for him to be involved in the judging process.

“There’s so many forward thinking people from around the world that you get introduced to, and although he entrants last year were outstanding, this year they seem to have stepped up another notch,” he said.

The entrepreneur is particularly interested in the social impact category of the awards. His own company, International Volunteer HQ, operates in a similar sort of sphere and prides itself on being the world’s most trusted and affordable volunteer organisation.

International Volunteer HQ’s mission is to change the face of volunteer travel and it does this by giving travellers the opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the community they’re visiting. The organisation operates with local partners in countries ranging from Mexico to China all the way to Kenya, hoping to heighten cultural awareness through its programs.

For those taking part, volunteering is often a way of demonstrating passion to a cause and the organisation’s value is in connecting parts of the world that need help with skilled volunteers. In an age when having a degree is increasingly commonplace, job seekers have to go above and beyond what’s expected to show to prove their work ethic and initiative, and this is the perfect way to do it.

The idea for the company came from a volunteer travel trip Radcliffe took to Kenya after realising his office graduate job wasn’t right for him. While in Kenya, he realised volunteer programs could be much cheaper and have a bigger social impact if they worked with local organisations.

At 32 years old, Radcliffe said he enjoys seeing other young entrepreneurs understand the importance of having a social focus.

“I’m particularly impressed with a couple of entries that work in the medical field. They are still relatively early stage but I feel like they have the potential to be real disruptors in the medical industry globally,” he said.

The founder said the awards have had a big impact on the community of innovators in Australia, and have inspired others to aim high by showing them what is possible.

“Most of the entrepreneurs and companies involved in these awards started with very little. Innovation requires inspiration and these awards highlight what you can achieve.”

Is entering the 2016 Talent Unleashed Awards part of your journey? Check out the categories and enter here.

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