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Yes, we know founders don’t leap out of bed every day getting excited about security and compliance, but as unsexy as it may sound, they’re the foundation stones of a successful business and give you the upper hand against competitors.

Serious prospects require serious security frameworks to keep customer data safe. ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA and GDPR – these kinds of frameworks can mean the difference between global success and failure.


So how have some of the most respected and successful SaaS startups and scaleups in Australia achieved it without heartache and enormous effort that distracts them from doing what they really love?

Startup Daily, in association with Vanta, will give you the inside edge in our latest webinar, COMPLIANCE = GROWTH: The ‘aha moment’ for Aussie SaaS startups.

Whether you want to unlock enterprise opportunities, scale offshore or service government clients, you’ll find out:

  • Why security and compliance is key to scaling success
  • How to muscle up your security, risk and compliance with limited time and resources
  • Why investors care about security and compliance
  • How well-known Aussie software scaleups have done it
  • And how not to stuff it up!
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Simon Thomsen
Startup Daily

Simon has been editor of Startup Daily since 2019. He was previously associate editor of Business Insider Australia, a national restaurant critic, editor of The Good Food Guide, and newspaper proprietor during a 30-year career in journalism and publishing. He's also an investor in early stage startups.

Andrea Gardiner
Jelix Ventures

Andrea Gardiner is the founder and CEO of Jelix Ventures, an early-stage venture capital firm backing daring founders in Australia and New Zealand, to make the world better. Andrea has made over 100 investments in 42 startups, primarily SaaS businesses. Andrea is also a co-founder of WinVC which aims to facilitate the success of women venture capital investors.

Pierre Bergamin

Pierre Bergamin is the Chief Technology Officer at InDebted, a global fintech scale-up changing the world of consumer debt for good, leveraging machine learning and AI. Since joining in January 2022, Pierre oversees engineering, IT operations, security, and product. Before InDebted, Pierre spent over a decade in global B2B SaaS companies, holding leadership roles at Assignar and Learnosity.

Oscar Watson-Smith

Oscar is a seasoned sales engineer with experience at the intersection of product, engineering, and sales. Over the past decade, he’s been both a senior software engineer and customer-facing sales engineer. At Vanta, Oscar helps organisations throughout APAC achieve continuous, automated compliance. He helps startups unlock revenue by enabling them to meet critical compliance standards, including SOC 2 and ISO27001.