Global tech

PODCAST: Google and Facebook could cop a global digital tax in the fight against Australian laws on paying for news

- August 28, 2020 4 MIN READ

Have you used Google lately and been greeted by a yellow warning saying that the way Australians search on Google is under threat? To understand why these messages are appearing, Media Files interviewed former chair of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC), Professor Allan Fels, and CEO of the Public Interest Journalism Initiative (PIJI),… Read more »


PODCAST: This startup, Detexian, deals with the biggest threat modern business faces: data security

- November 8, 2019 2 MIN READ

The world nowadays is all about “hygiene”. There’s sleep hygiene, kitchen hygiene and as Startup Daily learnt from Detexian co-founder Tan Huynh (pictured above) this week, data hygiene. Not being IT-inclined, and the dad who asks his kids to sort out apps on his phone, our conversation on The Problem Solved this week about what… Read more »

Think Talent

[PODCAST] Glass Ceiling – Episode 16: Think Talent

- January 18, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

Ainsley Johnstone and Natalie Firth are cofounders and co-CEOs of Melbourne recruitment firm Think Talent. The pair founded the business in 2014, because they wanted to do something a little different in recruitment. They explain Think Talent as a marketing-led business, where they help employers develop strong brand recognition that will future-proof them as the… Read more »


[PODCAST] Startup Meet Corporate – Episode 27: Daisee

- January 17, 2019 < 1 MIN READ

The Startup meet Corporate podcast is back for 2019! On this episode, we chat about AI with Richard Kimber, cofounder and CEO of artificial intelligence startup Daisee. Richard has had an interesting career: he started out with a psychology degree at university before studying for an MBA and taking on strategy and tech roles for the… Read more »


[PODCAST] Glass Ceiling – Episode 14: Emily Tuteur, director of product design at littleBits

- November 1, 2018 < 1 MIN READ

Emily Tuteur is director of product design at New York-based edutech startup littleBits. Founded in 2011, littleBits created the electronic building block, full of magnetic ‘bits’ that snap together to turn ideas into inventions. Along with Disney and education provider Pearson, the startup also has partnerships with over 20,000 schools, while there are more than… Read more »


[PODCAST] Glass Ceiling – Episode 13: Cherie Diaz, managing director Australia at OpenLearning

- October 19, 2018 < 1 MIN READ

Now managing director for OpenLearning in Australia, Cherie Diaz has had an interesting career trajectory: after starting out as a classroom teacher, she made the move to the corporate world with Ernst & Young, before progressing through a series of roles and then taking on the OpenLearning gig this past July. It’s an interesting one:… Read more »


[PODCAST] Startup Meet Corporate – Episode 24: OnTheGo

- October 16, 2018 < 1 MIN READ

On this episode, Gina and Tricia chat about customised apparel. We sat down to talk with Mick Spencer, founder and CEO of OnTheGo. A mass customisation platform for apparel and accessories, OnTheGo is used by everyone from local businesses through to the likes of Microsoft and professional sports teams for the design, development, and production… Read more »